November 2023 WICSEC – ERICSA – NTCSA Joint Virtual Mini IJ Fair


WICSEC, ERICSA and NTCSA  are pleased to present ...

Mini Virtual IJ Fairs Throughout 2023

Watch the recording! 

Our theme this year is: 

Embracing Change/Moving Forward 

Be ready to network, share best practices and have fun with child support professionals throughout the Nation. 

Just in case you haven’t attended an IJ Fair before or if you need a refresher …

  1. What does IJ stand for? Interjurisdictional (Intergovernmental Cases) 
  2. What is the IJ Fair, what is the purpose? The IJ Fair started as an annual gathering at the WICSEC Conference. We wanted to reach more people so WICSEC, ERICSA, and NTCSA joined forces and launched these mini IJ Fairs. The purpose is to meet other child support workers who specialize in intergovernmental cases, make connections, exchange contact information, and learn best practices. This year we are hosting three mini IJ Fairs. 

Session Three Wednesday, November 15th

Session Two Wednesday, July 19th

Session One Wednesday, April 19th

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