Strategic Plan

WICSEC believes that planning and execution of strategic goals, developed and supported by its leadership and members, helps the WICSEC organization stay focused and driven to supporting the Western US’s child support program.

Every year, at the annual planning meeting, the WICSEC Board and Planning committee meet, review the last strategic plan and recommend updates and changes to help the goals stay current and relevant to the needs of the program.

Below you will find our current strategic plan.  We welcome comments and suggestions to enhance the offerings and goals of the WICSEC organization!   

VISION: Inspire excellence and unite Child Support Professionals while promoting the value of the program

MISSION: WICSEC promotes expertise, inclusion, engagement and fun through professional development    

Guiding Principles

  • Being a Dynamic Organization that is inclusive, accountable, fiscally and environmentally responsible, sustainable, and transparent
  • Providing cost effective training and networking opportunities to diverse locations within the western region
  • Supporting charitable organizations that benefit families and children
  • Recognizing excellence in the child support community
  • Fostering relationships with other organizations with similar missions

Goal: Create Unique Professional Development Experiences

  • Strategy: Take an evolving approach to conference planning
  • Task: Consider ways to encourage participation in the planning process
  • Strategy: Introduce at least one new innovative concept (presentation style, delivery approach, activity, networking event) each year
  • Strategy: Explore ways to integrate virtual learning experiences into programming
  • Strategy: Seek vendor feedback on areas such as networking and sponsorships

Goal: Ensure we are a Diverse and Inclusive Organization

  • Strategy: Create a Special Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Task: Identify Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan
  • Task: Proactively recruit and encourage the participation of a diverse membership for presenters, conference planning, board and committees.
  • Task: identify opportunities to add new and diverse content to conference plenaries and workshops.
  • Strategy: Proactively recruit and encourage participation of tribal partners in conference planning and as Board and Committee Members

Goal: Set up a Supportive Infrastructure

  • Strategy: Streamline business processes
  • Task: Document existing business processes, including committee checklists and timelines.
  • Task: Identify ways to more efficiently handle operational processes
  • Task: Identify platforms and services that will make managing conference functions more effective and efficient
  • Strategy: Continue to improve website design
  • Task: Change website platform from Drupal to WordPress
  • Strategy: Proactively recruit and encourage participation of IV-D Directors in the conference planning process and as board and committee members