WICSEC 2020 Virtual Conference Plenary Speakers


Plenary Speakers

Plenary 1 ~ Tuesday, September 15 ~  8:30 - 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time

Good Shift!

In this session international speaker and best-selling author Jennifer Powers gives you simple, yet life-changing tools to react to challenges better and to view change in a much more positive light. You’ll learn how to practice acceptance of current and changing circumstances in order to spend less time in resistance and more time in a state of peace, positivity…and flow.  You will feel calmer, lighter, and more confident to take on everyday challenges, and will learn to take responsibility for your own success.  Based on the teachings and processes found in her book, Good shift!, Jennifer uses wit, humor, and audience interaction to help you to make positive changes that stick.



Jennifer Powers, MA, MCC, is a best-selling author and Master Certified Coach. Traveling the world speaking to corporate and industry professionals, she is a leading expert in helping people improve their confidence and competence.

For the past two decades she has coached hundreds of professionals, trained more than 2,000 coaches and delivered keynote addresses to over 250,000 people around the globe. As a Master Certified Coach, the highest earned credential from the International Coach Federation, Jennifer is ranked in the top 3% of coaches worldwide.

Having worked with organizations such as Adidas, Intel, and Xerox, Jennifer is passionate about developing leaders and individual contributors with her powerful keynotes, books and virtual learning programs. Her best-selling book Oh, shift! and her newest book Good shift! are the foundation of her teachings.

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Plenary 2 ~ Wednesday, September 16 ~  8:30 - 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time

Make Work More Human

What does it take for us to create a workplace where customers are satisfied, and people and teams can truly thrive? It takes decreasing fear in the workplace and increasing psychological safety. Based on insights from more than 50 primary interviews as well as hundreds of informal dialogues, learn how humane, caring workplaces are effective workplaces and how to sustain that. Explore the neuroscience of fear and safety and discover the experiences we can all practice to make our teams trusting, transparent, and high performing. Learn a practical tool you can use every day in any challenge or opportunity. Explore the role of accountability in a human workplace. Be inspired to make your workplace even more human each day!

W4 Working Alone Together: Cultivating Emotional Health and Resilience ~ Wednesday, September 16 ~ 10:30 - 11:30 a.m Pacific Time

We hope you enjoyed Renée Smith’s session Working Alone Together: Cultivating Emotional Health and Resilience. Renée has kindly shared the following resources referenced in the session.



Renée Smith brings a revolutionary and revelatory message that wins audiences around the world over to embrace love as a necessary and essential workplace practice. She engages with select leaders and teams each year to challenge, inspire, and guide them back to their full humanity as the ground for and orientation to meaningful change. Her simple yet elegant approach and breakthrough experiences have been called “uncommon and profound,” helping people discover and practice what it is to be human at work.

Under her leadership, A Human Workplace hosts, speakers, and consultants expand the impact by providing a unique set of cultural resources for leaders and teams including learning experiences, ready to use tools, gatherings, coaching, and consulting services to public and private organizations as well as to communities who want to make work and the world more loving and human.

Renée also conducts primary research, writes, and teaches, and personally hosts gatherings of A Human Workplace. She actively collaborates with others around the world to grow human-centered global momentum to shift workplace cultures.

Renée was honored to serve as the first and only Director of Workplace Transformation for the State of Washington in the Office of the Governor, a position created for her, where she led a statewide program to Make Government More Human by advocating for human-centered principles and practices in state government workplaces.

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