WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame

WICSEC has a strong tradition of delivering first class child support training to front line staff, managers and executives. Dedicated child support experts dedicate their time to design, develop and deliver training to conference attendees. Year after year, these individuals volunteer to participate as speakers, panel members and moderators for the various workshops presented at the conference.

Of the hundreds of presenters who have supported WICSEC that deserve recognition and appreciation, there is a notable group worthy of a special designation. These presenters are typified as follows:

  • They have consistently provided high level presentations at WICSEC Conferences over the course of many years (for example ten or more years);
  • They have served as speaker, presenter, trainer, or moderator for numerous sessions at many conferences (for example twenty or more sessions);
  • They have consistently received positive feedback from attendees;
  • They have developed and shared high quality presentation materials;
  • They are prepared, knowledgeable, and engaging;
  • They are professional and articulate;
  • They are sought out as a repeat performer because of their talent and delivery;
  • They demonstrate their belief in the importance of quality presentations and training;
  • They are unselfish with the gift of their time and attention.

Each year, the WICSEC Board of Directors will nominate speakers to be honored for their service to WICSEC. The WICSEC Awards Committee will select one or more award winners from the individuals nominated and the person(s) selected will receive recognition at the annual WICSEC training conference and be included on this WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame.

Chris Sorenson
Christine Sorenson, 2018 WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame Winner

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