Intergovernmental Fair

WICSEC hosted its fifteenth Intergovernmental Fair in September of 2020. This year WICSEC and ERICSA collaborated in order to bring child support professionals all over the nation a “Virtual Experience.” The Joint WICSEC ERICSA IJ FAIR – East Meets West, featured best practices from twenty-eight county, state, tribal and federal ambassadors. The virtual platform allowed more attendees than any other year and over 35 states were represented on the zoom call. The attendees were treated to a comprehensive intergovernmental experience. Most importantly, contact information was shared.
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Over 340 child support professionals in North America signed the Interstate Pledge, a commitment to optimize cooperation and eliminate barriers associated with multi-jurisdictional cases. For this, they received an updated listing of names, email addresses and phone numbers for all the individuals who have signed the pledge over the past fifteen years. The list of over 1,000 names includes individuals from West Virginia to California, the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe to the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, and Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.
If you are planning to participate in next year’s Annual Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, please attend the IJ Fair, or consider being an ambassador for your program. We encourage IV-D agencies to identify ambassadors now. The job is both enjoyable and rewarding.