Intergovernmental Fair

WICSEC’s Intergovernmental Fair celebrated its Twelfth anniversary this past year in Anchorage, Alaska. With participation of over twenty five county, state, tribal, and federal ambassadors, WICSEC attendees were treated to a comprehensive intergovernmental experience. Ambassadors brought flags, promotional items, informational materials, candy and a pile of business cards for their tables. Displays were creative and delightful: Utah made everyone feel welcomed and dressed the part. During the two hour time frame, policies were discussed, business cards were exchanged, and most importantly, personal contacts were made. Folks attending the fair can now put faces to names.

Intergovernmental Fair - Alaska
Intergovernmental Fair
Intergovernmental Fair - California Intergovernmental Fair - Guam
Intergovernmental Fair Intergovernmental Fair
Intergovernmental Fair - Oregon

Over a hundred child support professionals from North America signed the Interstate Pledge, a commitment to optimize cooperation and eliminate barriers associated with multi-jurisdictional cases. For this, they received a WICSEC water bottle tote and an updated listing of names, email addresses, and phone numbers for all the individuals who have signed the pledge over the past seven years. The list of over 1,000 names includes individuals from Guam to New York, the Apache Nation to the Quinault Tribal Nation, and the Department of Defense to the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. Representatives of the Child Support Maintenance Office in British Columbia, Canada, have even signed the Pledge.

If you are planning to come to next year’s Annual Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, please attend the fair, or consider being an ambassador for your program. We encourage IV-D agencies – especially from States and Tribes west of the Mighty Mississippi – to identify Ambassadors now. The job is both enjoyable and easy – and speaker conference rates are available. Imagine greeting colleagues from across the nation, and sharing promotional items, contact information, and insights about your IV-D program. How hard can this be? Sit back, relax, and enjoy!