WICSEC - ERICSA 2022 Joint Mini IJ Fairs

The 2022 WICSEC - ERICSA Joint Intergovernmental Fairs were a huge success! In short, participating in the Fair means "Let's break down barriers and red tape, and help each other for the greater good of children and families." 

We continue to work closely with NTCSA as we prepare for them to join WICSEC and ERICSA in hosting future IJ Fairs.

WICSEC and ERICSA are pleased to present….

Mini IJ Fairs throughout 2022

“Joining Forces, a Mini IJ Fair to Remember. Be ready to network, share best practices and have fun with child support professionals throughout the Nation.”

Just in case you haven't attended an IJ Fair before or if you need a refresher...

  1. What does IJ stand for? Interjurisdictional (Intergovernmental Cases)
  2. What is the IJ Fair, what is the purpose? The IJ Fair is an annual gathering (pre COVID in-person) at the WISCEC conference. WICSEC and ERICSA have joined forces in this effort. The purpose is to meet other child support workers who specialize in intergovernmental cases, make connections, exchange contact information and learn best practices. This year we are hosting two mini IJ fairs and the second one is coming up.

Session Two
Wednesday, July 20th

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Session One
Wednesday, April 20th

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