At every conference, WICSEC honors worthy individuals and programs.  We encourage you to nominate any child support professional or program for an award. Nominations can be received from anyone in the program. Nominations will open on May 1, 2020.

Award Types

WICSEC Excellence awards include the following:

Innovative IT Award (NEW)
The Innovative IT Award recognizes the achievements and best practices in the creative use of automation to enhance the child support program. The innovative efforts implement technology solutions that create operational efficiency and ultimately improve child support services.

Leadership Achievement Award
The Leadership Achievement Award recognizes an individual in a supervisory role that has made significant contributions improving the lives of children and promoting a more effective child support program.

Making a Difference Program Award 
The Making a Difference Program Award recognizes a child support program that has ‘Made a Difference’ and shown exceptional improvement in key aspects over the past three years.

Platinum Program Award 
The Platinum Program Award recognizes a child support program that consistently and comprehensively exemplified the best in child support.

Program Engagement Award 
The Program Engagement Award recognizes the effectiveness of outreach that creates a positive public image of the child support program.

Rock Star Achievement Award 
The Rock Star Achievement Award recognizes an individual, non-supervisory, that has made significant contributions by improving the lives of children and promoting a more effective child support program.

Washington Standing Ovation Award 
The Standing Ovation Award recognizes a professional for outstanding performance to the child support program selected by the host state.

WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame Award
The WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame Award recognizes a speaker, panel member and/or curator that significantly contributes to WICSEC conferences. The child support expert volunteers their time to design, develop and deliver training to conference attendees. The WICSEC Board of Directors will nominate for this honored award. 

Nominate for the Awards

Do you know someone who deserves recognition at our conference for their work in child support? Have you heard about an innovative activity to raise awareness of child support?

We encourage you to take this opportunity to recognize your well deserving child support colleagues. Take advantage of this opportunity to highlight all the amazing and innovative accomplishments in the child support program. It's easy, just click on the award you are interested in completing, fill in the blanks and submit! 


  • Innovative IT Award (NEW)
  • Leadership Achievement Award
  • Making a Difference Program Award
  • Platinum Program Award
  • Program Engagement Award
  • Rock Star Achievement Award
  • Washington Standing Ovation Award
  • WICSEC Presenter Hall of Fame Award

The award presentation for WICSEC 2020 Annual Training Conference will occur September 13 - 17, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. 

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Past Award Winners

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